Workshop@Bademlik Design Festival



Ayşegül Akçay Kavakoğlu, Türkan Nihan Hacıömeroğlu

The Form[DD] workshop approaches the concept of refugee and immigration within the scope of “What does design do when the order is disrupted?” question in Bademlik Design Festival 2016. Today, migration activity that we come face to face every day in our country, affects us conceptually through our practice while beginning to be part of our daily life. In simplest terms, the disappearance of place and home concepts turn into a metamorphosis over time. Shift occurs between these concepts when the place is replaced with placelessness, and home is replaced with homelessness. The dissolution of the shift scheme leads to a chaotic cycle. This situation is valid not only for migrants but also for the migrated place and home. The general translation of chaos in Turkish is “disorder”. However, the other definition which is based on the Greek origins is more interesting: “Formless, awkward and complicated situations before the order of the universe is restored." In this context, Form [ DD] workshop tries to have a formal approach to order, disperse and chaos concepts and interpret the association of these concepts through city plans. During this process, based on experiences disorder in order, disintegration and chaotic situations are questioned intuitively. During the workshop, it is aimed to produce experiential objects through analyzing the concepts at urban scale by the participants. The workshop materials are plaster, fabric, wood molds, our experiences, and intuition.

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