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Projection Mapping


Project Team: Dr. Ayşegül Akçay Kavakoğlu,  Omar Karout, Abdulhamid Kahlous

Date: 2021
: Design Cluster Centre, IT Valley Technology Development Zone, Gebze, Turkey
Materials: Bristol paper surface panels positioned on cardboard waffle structure and hanged with steel strings to the ceiling.

Tools for design&fabrication: Rhino, Grasshopper, Blender, Pepakura, Laser Cutting

Tools for projection mapping: Rhino, Grasshopper, Processing

Size: 3.789m x 3.235m x 0.5m (avg.)

Topo[i]wall projection mapping is on air:) A sound forest deviates through the variations of low-poly form.  Reconfiguration of low poly form creates a variation set for projection mapping. The wall interacts with sound. It responses to sound through its moving images. 

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